Kilcreggan Pier Pressure

Fighting for a sensible solution for Kilcreggan Pier.

Kilcreggan Pier is at risk.

A plan to upgrade the ferries for Gourock to Dunoon and Gourock to Kilcreggan requires Kilcreggan pier be updated. The design process for this has produced one option for Kilcreggan. This plan involves virtually moth-balling the current pier and building a new pontoon style pier to the west along with a large break water. This will increase the harbour size by at least four fold and completely change the look of Kilcreggan's shoreline. The Kilcreggan ferry is an important service and we are grateful the council are prepared to invest so much in our community and applaud their desire to improve accessibilty to the ferry but this solution is damaging the village.

At no point was anyone in the village consulted over the various designs, until the single plan was settled upon. It is as if the views of the village were not considered of importance. Decisions have been made without informed local knowledge. See below for details of the plan that has been put forward.

Option 4a - The council's preferred option

Latest News...

12 March 2023

Yesterday we held a meeting at Cove Burgh hall to highlight the plans the council have for our pier. Tom Walker and Ali Mills spoke about the pier, the changes planned, the flawed process and what can be done. They also presented the 1:100 scale model of the plans that Ali Mills had constructed…

30 January 2023

The Kilcreggan Ferry consulation starts today, only about a year too late. It will last until the 12th of March. Argyll and Bute council seem to have already made their mind up though. They present a number of options but then proceed to narrow down the choice to one: their preferred option. This…