Kilcreggan Pier Pressure

Fighting for a sensible solution for Kilcreggan Pier.

Model of option 4a projected onto photo of Kilcreggan

What can I do?

Public Consultation

If you are concerned about the new pier plans then fill out the online public consultation The consultation has been extended until March 26th.

  1. Say no to option 4A.
  2. Select either don’t know, or option 3A.
  3. In comments please say no to breakwater due to size and effect on village heritage and environment, no to pontoon, no big vessel.


Contact ALL of your elected representatives to ensure they are aware of these issues:

  • Local councillors for the Lomond North ward which Kilcreggan is part of
    • Mark Irvine (
    • Maurice Corry (
    • Shonny Iain Paterson (
  • Chair of Argyll and Bute Harbour board (who make the final decision)
    • Andrew Kain (
  • Local constituency MSP: Jackie Baillie (
  • West of Scotland region MSPs
    • Neil Bibby (
    • Katy Clark (
    • Russell Findlay (
    • Pam Gosal (
    • Jamie Greene (
    • Ross Greer (
    • Paul O'Kane (Paul.O'
  • Local MP Brendan O’Hara (

The Cove and Kilcreggan community council can be contacted via:

Below is an example of an email you could send