Kilcreggan Pier Pressure

Fighting for a sensible solution for Kilcreggan Pier.

Kilcreggan Ferry Terminal Consultation

30 Jan 2023
Since writing this the consultation has been extended by 2 weeks because of multiple issues with the text and will finish on 26th of March instead.

The Kilcreggan Ferry consulation starts today, only about a year too late. It will last until the 12th of March. Argyll and Bute council seem to have already made their mind up though. They present a number of options but then proceed to narrow down the choice to one: their preferred option. This is the preferred option which they chose 18 months back.

Option 4a - The council's preferred option

We need to use this consultation to express our distinct disapproval of this option. It will destroy the waterfront of our village and is more inline with a solution for a medium sized town. When filling out the consultation if you don't like any of the alternatives then select "Don't know" and you will be forwarded to the section where you can provide comment. The online consultation can be found here.